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  • 22 Sep

    End of Life for Outlook 2007

    Come the 31st October 2017, Outlook 2007 will no longer connect to Office 365. This means if your business is using Office 365 and you access your emails via Outlook 2007, you will lose access to your emails via Outlook from the end of October onwards.

    Although these can still be accessed through an internet browser, the only way that you can continue connecting to your email through your system is by upgrading to a newer version of Outlook. By upgrading to the latest version of Outlook, it will allow you to continue to access your emails hassle free within Office 365, and not have to inconveniently connect to a web browser each time you need to access your emails.

    If you are still using Outlook 2007 and need to upgrade, please contact us via email at or phone at 01329 888444.