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  • 19 Sep

    Mac and Android Malware on the rise!

    Mac and Android Malware are on the rise. Malware specifically targeting macOS and Android devices has risen sharply in the last year, according to new research from security company Malwarebytes. Malware is any software or code designed to gain unauthorised access to a computer or network, typically without the owner even knowing.

    Detection rates have rapidly increased with more Mac based malware detected within a quarter of 2017 as there was in the entire of 2016. Android malware has also seen a rapid increase with over double the detection rate so far this year.

    Apple has been labelled ‘unhackable’ in the past so it comes as a shock to see malware targeting the massive technology company and its products. To avoid being hacked, make sure to run a anti-virus and keep it updated.

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