Standard Terms and Conditions of Trading

The following terms and conditions apply to all Goods sold or to be sold, Software licensed or to be licensed, and/or Services provided or to be provided to the Customer. All definitions are given in Annex 1 to this document.


1.         General

1.1.          These terms and conditions (hereinafter called “the Terms”) apply to all Agreements entered into between the Matrix IT and the Customer for the supply of Goods and Services to the Customer.

1.2.         The Customer shall be deemed to have read, understood, and agreed to the Terms before entering into the Contract with Matrix IT; All Orders are accepted on the Terms, which supersede ALL others of whatever nature, unless expressly agreed otherwise in writing Matrix IT.

1.3.         These Terms may only be amended, or varied with Matrix IT’s agreement in writing. The Parties agree that these Terms will prevail notwithstanding any conflicting or additional terms or any Orders or other notifications submitted by the Customer.

1.4.         Words of a technical nature used in these Terms will (unless inconsistent with the context) be construed in accordance with general trade use in the computer industry in the United Kingdom.

1.5.         Headings in these Terms are for convenience only and have no effect on the interpretation.

1.6.        All references to the plural herein shall also mean the singular and to the singular shall also mean the plural unless the context requires otherwise.

1.7.         Failure by either party to exercise or enforce any rights, or the giving of any forbearance, delay or indulgence, will not be construed as a waiver of its rights under these Terms or otherwise nor will any single or partial exercise thereof preclude any further or subsequent exercise.

1.8.         For the purposes of the Terms, communications made between Matrix IT and the Customer by electronic mail shall be regarded as made in writing and signed by the party sending the electronic mail communication.

1.9.        Matrix IT employs an online ordering process via a portal on for the purposes on these Terms online acceptance of a Quotation by the Customer shall be regarded as an Order made in writing and signed by the Customer.

1.10.       Matrix IT reserves the right to correct any clerical or typographical errors made by its employees at any time.

1.11.        Any reference to person includes a natural person, corporate or unincorporated body (whether or not having separate legal personality); and

1.12.       Any reference to company includes any company, corporation or other body corporate, wherever and however

1.13.       The parties hereby agree that a person who is not a party to this agreement has no rights under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 (as amended, modified or supplemented from time to time) to enforce any of these Terms.

2.       Software

2.1.         All software, whether supplied, installed or implemented is provided within the terms and conditions and licence of the software provider.

2.2.        If the software comprised in the Goods is not owned by Matrix IT then the Customer may be required to enter into an end-user licence agreement with the owner of the software concerned.

2.3.        If any software has to any extent been written or developed by Matrix IT then subject to Clause 2.2 above, Matrix IT hereby grants a non-exclusive, non-transferable licence for the use of such software by the Customer for the duration of this Contract and all copies of such software are the property of Matrix IT and notwithstanding Clause 11 no title or ownership thereof will be transferred to the Customer.

2.4.        Where software has been written or developed by Matrix IT for the Customer, the Customer acknowledges that such software may only be compatible with the current versions of other software and/or hardware and Matrix IT provides no guarantee that it will be compatible with later versions of other software and/or hardware. For the avoidance of doubt, unless otherwise agreed between the parties in writing, Matrix IT is under no obligation to supply the Customer with any updates or add-ons to the software.

3.       Specification

3.1.         The description of any Goods contained in any order form, invoice, descriptive matter, specifications, catalogue or advertising material published or issued by Matrix IT is for identification only and the use of such description will not constitute a sale by description. Any typographical or other error or omission in any such literature or any other document issued or provided by Matrix IT may be corrected by Matrix IT without any liability on the part of Matrix IT.

3.2.        Matrix IT reserve the right to supply Goods which differ from the specifications agreed between the parties and/or to modify any specifications in respect of Services provided that this does not materially affect the performance of the Goods or Services.

4.       Prices

4.1.         Unless otherwise stated in writing Quotations are valid for 5 days from the date of issue and are exclusive of VAT and any other relevant taxes which are payable by the Customer in addition.

4.2.        All waiting time spent by any employees or agents of Matrix IT (which includes any time which had been allocated to a Customer by Matrix IT and which is not utilised by such Customer for any of the reasons set out in this clause) as a result of any delay, variation or failure by the Customer to comply with these Terms (which for these purposes includes any delays or postponements by the Customer of any installation dates specified by Matrix IT, of dates of scheduled service visits or otherwise) will be payable by the Customer to Matrix IT at Matrix IT’s then current rates.

4.3.        The Customer shall pay any chargeable expenses and disbursements which are incurred by Matrix IT personnel on behalf of the Customer including but not limited to hotels, subsistence, travelling, mileage at 40p per mile, supplies, telephone charges, copying charges and the cost of any materials or services reasonably and properly provided by third parties required by Matrix IT for the supply of services.

4.4.        Unless otherwise expressly stated to be firm for a specified period, the prices are subject to increase or decrease by the Company, to take account of (but not limited to):-

4.4.1.        the Customer or Matrix IT altering Specifications or instructions after the date of Quotation.

4.4.2.       should there be any increase in the cost to Matrix IT of purchasing any Goods or Equipment by reason of any foreign exchange fluctuations, alterations in any taxes or duties, variations in the costs of raw materials or components or labour or transport or by any other reason or cause whatsoever.

4.5.        The Customer will pay all transport costs incurred by Matrix IT for delivery of the Goods to the Customer.

4.6.       Any Quotation may be withdrawn by the Company at any time before receipt of a confirmed Order from the Customer.

4.7.        All Quotations will be deemed to be withdrawn if no confirmed Order is received within 15 days from the date of Quotation, unless otherwise stated in writing by Matrix IT at the time of quoting.

4.8.        Matrix IT will notify the Customer, in writing, of any changes to consultancy or service rates no less than 30 days prior to increase.

4.9.       All price queries must be made within 5 working days of receipt of the Invoice.

5.       Payment

5.1.         If no payment date(s) has been agreed in writing in accordance with these Terms then payment by the Customer will be made within 14 days after the date of Matrix IT’s invoice.

5.2.        If any payments from the Customer under these Terms are payable by instalments detailed in the Quotation or Scope of Service, the Customer will pay such instalments in advance by direct debit or such other method as Matrix IT may agree, at the intervals agreed.

5.3.        If the Customer fails to make any payment due to Matrix IT (whether under these Terms or otherwise) on its due date then Matrix IT may (without prejudice to any other remedy) cancel the Contract or suspend any further performance of any obligations by Matrix IT to the Customer or appropriate any money received from the Customer against such sums as Matrix IT may determine (notwithstanding any instructions from the Customer). For the avoidance of doubt, Matrix IT will be entitled to suspend the performance of Services in the event that there are any sums owing by the Customer in respect of any other Goods and/or Services provided by or on behalf of Matrix IT to the Customer.

5.4.        All payments due to Matrix IT under these Terms shall be paid in full without any set off, deduction, counterclaim or withholding of any sum for whatever reason.

5.5.        Matrix IT reserves the right to charge interest on the amount of any delayed payment at the rate of 4% over the base rate of HSBC Bank Plc from time to time per calendar month or part thereof on the outstanding amount until payment has been made in full.

6.       Customer’s Specification

6.1.        Where Goods are made or modified to the Customer’s own Specification, instruction or design, the Customer undertakes full responsibility for the suitability and accuracy of the Specification, instructions or design and undertakes to indemnify Matrix IT and keep Matrix IT indemnified on a continuing basis from and against any infringement of any patent, registered design, trade mark, trade name or copyright and all loss, damage or expense which it may incur by reason of such infringement as aforesaid.

7.       Estimates

7.1.         Work undertaken on a Time and Materials agreement will be charged on the basis on the actual time and materials used taken to perform the work.

7.2.        When estimates are provided, whether verbal or in writing, this is purely to assist with decision-making and budgeting. Estimates will be based on Matrix IT’s experience of performing similar tasks and projects. However, when work starts we may need to revise our original estimate. We will tell you as soon as we can if the work will be more complicated or take longer than we originally thought

7.3.        Any estimate provided shall not be construed as a fixed price or a cap on the price which will be charged.

8.       Orders/Delivery/Collection

8.1.         No Order shall generally be accepted by Matrix IT unless first confirmed by the Customer in writing, by e-mail, or by facsimile. In the event that the Customer does not issue a purchase order to Matrix IT then Matrix IT shall be permitted to rely on conversation relating to the Order itself or any quotation relative thereto.

8.2.        Where Goods are to be delivered to the Customer, such Goods will be delivered to the ground floor of the location agreed in the Contract. Unless it is otherwise agreed in writing by Matrix IT, such Goods shall be delivered by any means chosen by Matrix IT.

8.3.        Matrix IT will make every effort to avoid delay but is under no responsibility to meet any specific delivery dates. Accordingly no liability will be accepted for any direct or indirect loss which may be caused by delayed delivery whether brought about by a factor beyond the control of Matrix IT or not.

8.4.         Matrix IT shall be entitled to deliver the Goods in one or more consignments unless otherwise expressly agreed.

8.5.        It is the Customer’s responsibility to inspect Goods immediately upon delivery.

8.6.       The Customer shall notify Matrix IT within 3 working days from date of delivery, any issue with the Goods which may lead to the Customer to allege that the Goods are not in accordance with the Contract or are defective in material or workmanship. If the Customer fails to give such notice the Goods shall be conclusively presumed to be in all respects in accordance with the Contract and free from any defects, which would be apparent upon reasonable examination of the Goods and the Customer shall be deemed to have accepted the Goods accordingly. In the event the Customer establishes to Matrix IT that the Goods are not in accordance with the Contract or are defective, Matrix IT may at its discretion repair the Goods or replace the Goods or to refund the purchase price against return of the Goods.

8.7.        Where Goods are lost, 2 clear days notice are required to be given to the carrier of such loss. The Customer shall notify Matrix IT of such loss within 2 days of delivery or non-delivery to the Customer’s premises, to enable Matrix IT to notify the carrier of the claim.

8.8.        Where Goods are damaged in Transit, the Customer shall notify Matrix IT immediately upon identification of the damage, and no later than two working days following delivery of the goods, to enable Matrix IT to notify the carrier of the claim.

8.9.       Where Goods are to be collected by the Customer, Matrix IT shall notify the Customer of availability of such Goods for collection by written or verbal notice of availability. Goods shall be collected within seven days from the date of notice of availability. Should the Customer fail to collect the Goods within the seven day period the Customer will be liable for any costs, losses or expenses arising from the Customer’s failure to collect the Goods.

8.10.      Matrix IT shall not be obliged to provide any Goods not referred to on the Order Confirmation(s) or, in the absence of an order confirmation, the Quotation provided to the Customer in respect of the supply of Goods by Matrix IT.

9.       Installation and Configuration

9.1.        Where Matrix IT’s Quotation includes Installation and Configuration Services the Specification within the Scope of Service will detail the work which is included within the Quotation.

9.2.       If it’s not in the Specification it is not included in the pricing. Make sure you check it and

9.3.       If additional work is required this will be done as Time and Materials and charged in addition.

10.    Acceptance

10.1.       The Customer shall carry out the Acceptance Tests in accordance with the Scope of Service. On completion of the Acceptance Tests the Customer shall notify Matrix IT of the results. Once the Acceptance Tests have been completed to the level detailed in the Specification the work will be deemed complete and any related and payment due.

10.2.      If the Customer does not complete the Acceptance Tests within 14 days of the date set out in the Scope of Services for carrying out the Acceptance Tests, acceptance of work will be deemed to have occurred and payment become due.

10.3.      Acceptance of the work shall be deemed to have occurred on whichever is the earliest of:

10.3.1.      the completion by the Customer of the Acceptance Test detailed in the Scope of Work; or

10.3.2.     the use of the Goods or Services by the Customer in the course of its business.

11.       Passing of Risk

11.1.        Where the Goods are to be delivered to the Customer at a location in the United Kingdom, the Goods shall be at the Customer’s risk from the time of delivery of the Goods to the Customer.

11.2.       All Goods to be delivered to the Customer at a location outside the United Kingdom shall be at the Customer’s risk from the time of delivery of the goods to the carrier.

11.3.       All Goods to be collected by the Customer shall be at the Customer’s risk from the time of collection.

11.4.       The Company shall not be liable for any loss of any kind to the Customer arising from any damage to the Goods occurring after the risk has passed to the Customer howsoever caused.

12.     Lease

12.1.       If any payments due to Matrix IT in respect of Goods or Services are to be paid by a third party then the Customer agrees that immediately on delivery of the Goods in question the Customer will sign the acceptance note for the leasing. company or other third party and will generally take all steps as may be necessary to ensure that payment is made to Matrix IT for the Goods and/or Services in accordance with these Terms.

13.     Matrix IT Employees

13.1.       The Customer will take all such steps as may be necessary to ensure the safety and welfare of any of Matrix IT’s representatives who visit any premises of or on behalf of the Customer.

13.2.      The Customer will fully indemnify and hold harmless Matrix IT from and against any claim for loss, damage or injury to any person or property occasioned by or arising directly or indirectly from any negligence or misuse of the Goods or the equipment or any other breach of these Terms by or on behalf of the Customer.

13.3.      Aggressive or Abusive Behaviour

The threat or use of physical violence, verbal abuse or harassment towards Matrix IT staff is not acceptable under any circumstances.  Matrix employees are under strict instructions to reports all such incidents. All such incidents will be considered a material breach of contract resulting in immediate Termination of the Agreement under Clause 24.1 below.

14.     Liability

14.1.       Subject as expressly provided in these Terms and except where the Goods are sold to a person dealing as a consumer (within the meaning of the Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977) all warranties, conditions or other terms implied by statute or common law are excluded to the fullest extent permitted by law, but nothing in these Terms will affect the liability of Matrix IT for any fraudulent misrepresentation.

14.2.      Where the Goods are sold under a consumer transaction (as defined by the Consumer Transaction (restrictions on Statements) Order 1976) the statutory rights of the Customer are not affected by these Terms.

14.3.      The Customer accepts that in respect of the sale of the Goods, whilst Matrix IT will endeavour to use its expertise and experience to advise the Customer, Matrix IT is acting as a supplier only and it is the Customer’s responsibility to ensure that the Goods will be suitable for its requirements and the Customer acknowledges that prior to the Contract it has fully and accurately advised Matrix IT of its requirements, both present and anticipated, in respect of the Goods.

14.4.      If Matrix IT is unable, other than through the act or default of the Customer, within a reasonable time to repair or replace any defective Goods in accordance with the Warranty set out in these Terms and where such Goods are unusable due to such defect then, the Customer’s only remedy is to reject such Goods and on their return to Matrix IT’ s premises the Customer is entitled to recover the price paid for such Goods provided the Customer notified such defect in accordance with these Terms,

14.5.      Except in the case of death or personal injury caused by Matrix IT’s negligence, or liability for defective products under the Consumer Protection Act 1987, Matrix IT will not have any Liability to the Customer for loss of profit or any indirect, special or consequential Loss of the Customer arising out of or in connection with the provision of any goods or services or any delay in providing or failure to provide any goods or services even if Matrix IT had been advised of the possibility of such potential loss.

14.6.      Without prejudice to clause 14.8, if Matrix IT fails to provide Services in accordance with its obligations hereunder, the total Liability of Matrix IT in any one year for any Loss suffered by the Customer as a result of such failure will not exceed the Charges paid by the Customer in such year for the Services in question.

14.7.      Without prejudice to clause 14.8, if Matrix IT fails to provide the Services in accordance with its obligations hereunder, the total Liability of Matrix IT for any Loss suffered by the Customer as a result of such failure will not exceed the charges paid by the Customer in respect of such Services.

14.8.      Notwithstanding the express provisions of clauses 14.6 and 14.7, except in the case of death or personal injury caused by Matrix IT’s negligence, or liability for defective products under the Consumer Protection Act 1987, in no event shall Matrix IT’s Liability in respect of any Loss to the Customer exceed £50,000.

14.9.      Except in the case of death or personal injury caused by Matrix IT’s negligence, or liability for defective products under the Consumer Protection Act 1987, no action regardless of form may be brought by the Customer more than 12 months after the cause of action has accrued.

14.10.    Matrix IT will have no liability under these Terms or otherwise to the Customer arising out of:

14.10.1.    any loss or corruption of any documents, data, memory erasure of media stored on disk, whether total or partial howsoever arising by reason (in whole or in part) of the Customer’s failure to maintain adequate back-up copies of all of its operating system software, application software, data files and other documentation;

14.10.2.   any loss or corruption of any documents, data, memory erasure of media stored on disk, whether total or partial howsoever arising, including but not limited to loss which may occur, whilst installation, service or maintenance work is being carried out by or on behalf of Matrix IT in accordance with these Terms or any other reason;

14.10.3.   any act or omission of any third party telecommunication provider, or fault or failure of their equipment (including any prevention of any remote servicing facility in respect of the Equipment);

14.10.4.   and if any damage to any of the program or data files of the Customer occurs then Matrix IT’s responsibility will be confined to assisting the Customer to restore the latest backup copy and installing application software made available on site by the Customer. If on site assistance is required to reconstruct the files then Matrix IT will charge the Customer for the cost of such assistance at Matrix IT’s then current rates.

14.11.      The Customer warrants to Matrix IT that none of its employees nor the employees of any other party will become employees of Matrix IT by reason of the provision of the services by Matrix IT under these Terms, the Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations 2006 (“the Regulations”) or otherwise. The Customer will repay to Matrix IT any costs, expenses or other sums for which Matrix IT is or may be liable by reason of the applicable or alleged application of the Regulations in relation to provision of such services by Matrix IT including (without limitation) any compensation or damages which Matrix IT pays to any such person.

15.     Warranties

15.1.       The Customer warrants and represents that the use by Matrix IT of any data, materials or equipment supplied by the Customer for use by Matrix IT, will not infringe the Intellectual Property Rights of any third party and the Customer will fully indemnify Matrix IT in this respect.

15.2.      The Customer acknowledges that Matrix IT is not the manufacturer of the Goods. Matrix IT will pass on to the Customer such unexpired warranties it receives from the manufacturers of the Goods as are capable of transfer and Matrix IT’s liability shall be limited to such guarantee as it may receive from the manufacturer in particular no warranty is given in respect of the documentation or goods or services not provided by Matrix IT.

15.3.      The Customer acknowledges that software products are by their very nature susceptible to imperfections in operation and subject to Clause 15.1 no warranty is given in respect thereof.

15.4.      Matrix IT’s obligations and liabilities in respect of the Goods shall be limited to those set out expressly herein and Matrix IT specifically excludes without limitation the implied conditions of satisfactory quality and fitness to any particular use or purpose. Matrix IT shall have no liability whatsoever in respect of any advice and/or information which may be given to the Customer by Matrix IT relating to Goods, configuration or otherwise.

15.5.      The Customer shall ensure that a qualified representative authorised by the manufacturer to offer warranty and maintenance on those Goods performs any warranty and maintenance service performed on Goods.

15.6.      The Customer is advised to keep in force a maintenance contract In respect of the Goods, Equipment and Services.

16.     Confidentiality

16.1.       Neither Matrix IT or any of our representatives or customers will, without the other’s written consent , disclose to any third party any information concerning the business or method of working of the other party which may be revealed to it during the period of the agreement or otherwise, except as required by law or to the extent that such information may become public knowledge or may be acquired or generated by either party independently from the other otherwise than by reason of a breach of this clause

16.2.      Except as expressly provided, neither party may at any time whether during or after the expiry of these Terms use or disclose the other party’s Confidential Information and the Customer will take all reasonable steps to ensure that its employees are bound by the same obligations and that such obligations will continue beyond the termination of employment with the Customer.

16.3.      Matrix IT may as a consequence of providing any services to the Customer be exposed to information which the Customer may consider to be Confidential Information. It is the Customer’s responsibility to ensure that any such Confidential Information is marked appropriately or otherwise identified in writing to Matrix IT.

16.4.      The obligations of this clause 4.9 shall survive the termination of these Terms.

17.     Intellectual Property Rights

17.1.       Intellectual Property Rights and all other rights in the Goods and Services and any associated or other documentation produced as a result of the Services (other than the Third Party Software) shall be owned by Matrix IT and the Customer shall have no right title or interest therein except as expressly set out in the Agreement.

17.2.      So long as the Customer shall have made all payments due under this Contract in accordance with its terms and subject to the terms of Clause 2, Matrix IT shall grant to the Customer a non exclusive, non transferable licence to such extent as is necessary to enable the Customer to make reasonable use of the Goods and Services as is envisaged by the parties. On termination of the Agreement this licence will automatically terminate.

18.     Customer Responsibilities

18.1.       The Customer shall:

18.1.1.       assign a Key Contact who is responsible for accepting deliverables, authorising payments and reviewing status. The Key Contact shall have the authority to contractually bind the Customer on matters relating to the Goods and Services.

18.1.2.      provide in a timely manner such access to Equipment and facilities as required by Matrix IT to perform the Services.

18.1.3.      Ensure the Key Contact or delegate is available when required to assist Remote Support.

18.1.4.      Act upon reasonable advice when advised to prevent problems reoccurring.

18.1.5.      Arrange maintenance agreements for all Equipment not expressly included within the Scope of Service.

18.1.6.      Prepare at its own cost the relevant premises for the supply of Services unless it is included in the Scope of Service

18.1.7.      Ensure that Matrix IT staff are informed of the Customer’s premises and safety procedures when they are working on the Customer’s premises.

18.1.8.      Arranging all required insurance for Goods and Equipment.

18.1.9.      Performing data backup.

18.2.      If Matrix It is prevented or delayed in its obligations under the Agreement by any act or omission of the Customer or the Customer’s agents, sub-contractors or employees:-

18.3.      the Customer shall be liable to pay Matrix IT on demand all reasonable costs, charges or losses sustained or incurred by it (including without limitation any direct or indirect consequential losses, loss of profit and loss of opportunity to deploy resources elsewhere) subject to Matrix IT confirming such costs, charges and losses to the Customer in writing.

18.4.      Matrix IT shall be entitled to suspend any related Service Level Agreement or Project milestone

19.     Performance and Force Majeure

19.1.       Matrix IT will not be liable for any failure or delay in complying with these Terms if the failure of delay was due to force majeure, including any circumstances whatsoever beyond the reasonable control of Matrix IT in which event Matrix IT will as soon as reasonably practicable notify the Customer of the nature and extent of the circumstances in question. If the force majeure continues for more than 30 days then Matrix IT may cancel this Contract (or any part thereof ) without liability to the Customer.

19.2.      Matrix IT shall be relieved of all liability otherwise arising under these Terms to the extent that it shall be unable to carry out any of its obligations hereunder by reason of wars, strikes, lockouts, governmental controls or restrictions, non-availability of goods or personnel or any other cause whatsoever beyond the Company’s control.

20.  Web-Sites and Domain Names

20.1.      The Customer understands that it has full responsibility for the renewal of any Internet domain names or web hosting facility. Matrix IT cannot be held responsible for problems arising from reallocation of domain names or loss of Internet presence.

20.2.     Matrix IT cannot guarantee that it will be able to register any requested Internet Domain Name and until confirmation of registration is given the Customer shall not assume the registration has been effected.

20.3.     When Matrix IT acts as the agent of the Customer in the registration of Internet Domain Names the contract for any Internet Domain Names registered is solely between the Customer and the appropriate Naming Authority.

20.4.     The Customer is bound by the terms and conditions of the appropriate Naming Authority a copy of which will be provided on request.

20.5.     The Customer indemnifies Matrix IT against all costs claims expenses arising from the content of any web site, e-mail or other electronic communication through a service provided by Matrix IT to the Customer.

20.6.    The Customer indemnifies Matrix IT against all costs claims expenses arising from a requested Internet Domain Name infringing the rights of any third party.

20.7.     Matrix IT provides no warranty and cannot be held responsible for problems arising from a requested Internet Domain Name infringing the rights of any third party.

21.     Provision of Services

21.1.       Matrix IT will supply the Services with reasonable skill and care. However, by signing the Agreement the Company accepts that Matrix cannot guarantee that:

21.1.1.       the Services will be uninterrupted, secure or error-free; or

21.1.2.      any Data generated, stored, transmitted or used via or in connection with the Services will be complete, accurate, secure, up to date, received or delivered correctly or at all.

21.2.      Unless expressly contracted for and detailed in the Scope of Service Matrix IT do not provide a back-up or guarantee the integrity of the Company Data; however, Matrix IT will use reasonable endeavours to provide copies of Data for disaster recovery purposes.

21.3.      Matrix IT may have to suspend the Services for repair, maintenance or improvement without prior notice. If so, we will restore them as quickly as is reasonably practicable.

22.   Sub-Contracts

22.1.      Matrix IT may assign, sub-contract or otherwise transfer the benefit of, and/or its obligations under this Contract to any person at any time.

22.2.     The Customer acknowledges that this Contract is personal to the Customer and that it may not assign or in any way make over to any third party, whether in whole or in part, the benefit of, and/or it’s obligations under this Contract without the prior written authority of Matrix IT and on such terms as Matrix IT may reasonably require.

22.3.     Save where expressly stated in these Terms, no person will become entitled to enforce any of its provisions of these Terms who would not have been so entitled but for the provisions of the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999, the provisions of which do not apply to these Terms.

22.4.     withdraw the Consultant immediately and will use its reasonable endeavours to provide a replacement.

23.   Forbearance

23.1.      No forbearance, indulgence, time or relaxation on the part of Matrix IT granted to the Customer in respect of any of the Terms shall in any way affect, diminish, restrict or prejudice rights or powers of Matrix IT under any contract for sale of goods or operate as or be deemed to be a waiver or any breach by the Customer of any of these Terms.

24.   Termination

24.1.      Breach of Clause 13.3 will result in suspension of services and termination of the Contract with immediate effect. Notice Periods do not apply.

24.2.     Matrix IT may without prejudice to any other remedy available to it at any time by giving written notice terminate or suspend this Contract or such part of it as Matrix IT may elect (including stopping any Goods in transit) if:

24.2.1.     the Customer commits any continuing or material breach of these Terms and if the breach is capable of remedy, is not remedied within thirty days of a written notice detailing the breach;

24.2.2.    a resolution is passed or an order is made for the liquidation of or the winding up of the Customer (save for the purpose of a bona fide reconstruction or amalgamation);

24.2.3.    the Customer becomes subject to an administration order, a receiver or manager or administrative receiver is appointed over the Customer’s property or assets;

24.2.4.    the Customer suffers execution or distress or takes or suffers any similar action in consequence of a debt;

24.2.5.    the Customer is insolvent or would be taken as insolvent under section 123 Insolvency Act 1986;

24.2.6.    the Customer is dissolved or otherwise threatens or ceases to carry on business or a substantial part of it;

24.2.7.    in the case of a sole trader or partnership anything analogous to any of the above occurs.

24.3.     On termination of this Contract for any reason the Customer will return or delete any of Matrix IT’s Confidential Information and return to Matrix IT all property of Matrix IT under the Customer’s possession or control and Matrix IT will return or delete any of the Customer’s Confidential Information and return to the Customer all property of the Customer under Matrix IT’s possession or control.

24.4.     On termination of the Contract any licence to use software granted by Matrix IT will immediately terminate and the Customer will return to Matrix IT any such software and all copies thereof and will not use or permit the use of any such software. The Customer acknowledges and agrees that Matrix IT will be entitled to remove such software from all operating systems of the Customer whether by means of remote access or otherwise. The Customer will not do or omit to do anything which might prevent or hinder such removal.

24.5.     If the Customer terminates this Contract (or Matrix IT terminates by reason of any acts or omissions of the Customer) then

24.5.1.     in respect of any Goods such termination can only be made with Matrix IT’s written consent and on terms that the Customer will indemnify Matrix IT in full against all loss (including loss of profit) costs, charges and expenses incurred by Matrix IT as a result of such termination;

24.5.2.    in respect of Services if the termination occurs prior to the end of the Initial Term or any Renewal Period, Matrix IT may without prejudice to any other remedies available to it demand and receive from the Customer an early termination charge. This charge will be calculated to recover such costs as Matrix IT has reasonably incurred in equipping itself to deliver Services and which have not been fully recovered by Matrix IT from the Charges paid by the Customer at the date of termination; and

24.5.3.    in respect of Services the Customer shall be liable for the full value of Matrix IT’s charges set out in the Proposal as well as any and all charges, fees and additional costs accrued up to the point of termination, which may include but not be limited to software costs and travelling expenses.

25.   Data Protection

25.1.      Each party will ensure that in the performance of its obligations under these Terms it will at all times comply with the Data Protection Act 1998.

25.2.     The Customer consents to the processing by Matrix IT of all the Customer’s personal data (as the term ‘personal data’ is defined in the Data Protection Act 1998) for all purposes connected with these Terms.

25.3.     The Customer acknowledges that any data transmitted over the Internet or through any other form of transmission including by telephony or other electronic means cannot be guaranteed to be free from the risk of interception even if transmitted in encrypted form and that Matrix IT has no liability for the loss, corruption or interception of any such data.

26.   Non Solicitation

26.1.      The Customer acknowledges the investment made by Matrix IT in the training of Matrix IT’s Personnel and the commercial interest which Matrix IT has in retaining their services.

26.2.     The Customer agrees that if any of the Matrix IT Personnel who have provided all or any part of any services for or on behalf of Matrix IT to the Customer within 6 months of leaving the employment or engagement of Matrix IT accepts an Engagement with the Customer then the Customer will pay to Matrix IT such sum as represents 30% of the anticipated annual salary or other sums to be paid by the Customer to such person(s) within the first year of such Engagement.

26.3.     The Customer agrees, and undertakes, that it shall not solicit, or attempt to solicit, in any way, the services of any employee of Matrix IT with whom it has had dealings during a period of three months immediately prior to its approach.

26.4.     This undertaking will not apply in respect of any employee of Matrix IT, whom, without having been previously approached directly or indirectly by the Customer, responds to any advertisement placed by the Customer or on the Customer’s behalf.

26.5.     The Customer acknowledges that employees of Matrix IT are under restrictive covenants post termination of employment with the Company, and it is an obligation of any employee of Matrix IT to bring these restrictive covenants to the attention of any prospective employer. The Customer agrees to make all reasonable attempts to obtain details of any restrictive covenants directly from any current or ex employee of Matrix IT which approaches the Customer, directly or indirectly, to offer services, and has had dealings with the Customer during a period of three months immediately prior to the approach. In the case of ex employees of Matrix IT the Customer shall request details of any relevant restrictive covenants directly from Matrix IT.

26.6.    The Customer agrees that after being made aware of any imposing restrictive covenants, by whatsoever means, surrounding the employee’s employment with the Company, should it continue to employee or pursue, whether directly or indirectly, with a view to obtaining services of, any current or ex employee of the Company, Clause 26.4 shall offer no exclusion of liability to the Customer, and Matrix IT may consider the Customer to be in breach of this section of the Terms.

26.7.     Should the Customer breach the terms of this section of the Terms and employ or engage an employee of Matrix IT (without the Company’s prior written consent) Matrix IT reserves the right to charge the Customer a fee of 25% of the staff member’s annual earnings from Matrix IT.

27.   Relationship

27.1.      The relationship between the Customer and Matrix IT shall be as buyer and seller and nothing contained herein shall be deemed to create a partnership or agency.

28.   Notices

28.1.      All notices under these Terms must be in writing and will be effective only if given by either party to the other party at their last known principal place of business or such other address as that party has nominated, in writing, for that purpose.

29.   Law and Jurisdiction

29.1.      These Terms will be governed by and construed in accordance with English Law and the English Courts will have non-exclusive jurisdiction to hear all disputes arising in connection with these Terms.

29.2.     The invalidity or unenforceability for whatever reason will not prejudice the continuation in force of the remainder of these Terms and if any part of these Terms is held by a Court or other competent authority to be illegal or ineffective it or they will be replaced with such legal and effective terms that most closely approach the ineffective terms.

30.   Sole appointment

30.1.      The Customer shall not allow any person or company other than Matrix IT to support the Equipment.

30.2.     The Customer accepts that failure to observe this Clause may result in:

30.2.1.     Matrix IT’s responsibilities under the Scope of Service being reduced and  Service Levels being suspended

30.2.2.    Matrix IT reserves the right to perform a new Audit Service and carry out remedial work – at the sole discretion of Matrix IT.

30.2.3.    Additional costs incurred by Matrix IT being charged to the Customer.

31.     Entire Agreement

31.1.       These Terms, the Quotation and Scope of Service contains the entire agreement between the parties with respect to their subject matter and supersede all previous written and oral agreements and understandings between the parties. The Customer acknowledges that in entering into the Contract it does not rely on any representation, warranty, agreement or other provision except as expressly set out in these Terms and that all conditions, warranties or other terms implied by statute or common law are excluded to the fullest extent permitted by law, but nothing in these Terms will affect the liability of Matrix IT for any fraudulent misrepresentation.

Annex 1 – Definitions

Within all of Matrix IT’s Agreements and Contracts, the following words have the following meanings:

Service Category Definitions

Service means the services to be provided by Matrix IT as set out in the Scope of Service, together with any other services including but not limited to training and consultancy which Matrix IT provides or agrees to provide to the Customer.
Scope of Service means the Service Level Agreement, Managed Service Agreement, Fixed Price Quotation or Time and Material Estimate agreed by the Customer setting out details of the Goods and Services .
Project Services
means a Proposal with defined deliverables or a defined Project Plan. Unlike Support Services, a Project has a definite beginning and end. The work will be carried out as Time and Materials unless expressly stated in the Proposal that it is being delivered for a Fixed Price.
Support Services
means ongoing Services defined by a Service Level Agreement or Managed Service Agreement.
Time and Materials Estimate means a Service, typically not capable of being precisely defined or without a detailed Specification, in which the Customer is invoiced for the materials used and the work performed at the Rates given in the Scope of Service.
Hosted services means, those developments, implementations, software and or systems, hosted by Matrix IT or its Associates and provided to or on behalf of the Customer pursuant to the Contract.
Fixed Price Quotation means a Service carried out for the price specified in the Scope of Work. If a specific User Acceptance Test is required this must be agreed and specified in the Scope of Work.
Audit Service means an inspection of the Equipment or part thereof but does not include repair or replacement.
Service Level Agreement (“SLA”) means the document which provides the record of common understanding about services, priorities, and responsibilities. Each area of service scope will have the “level of service” defined.
Managed Service Agreement (“MSA”) means the document which is similar to an SLA but with a greater level of outsourced management responsibility.  The MSA provides definition of inclusive service delivery and also defines the underpinning services such as regular patch management, preventive maintenance and monitoring of the Customer’s Equipment.
Volume Related Services means a Service for which the Charges vary relative to the number of items of Equipment.
Silver IT Support Agreement means an Agreement for a block of hours between the Customer and Matrix IT for the sale of Goods or Services in accordance with these Terms.

Term Related Definitions

Start Date means the date specified in the Scope of Service when the contract terms come into force. This will normally be concurrent with or in advance of the Commencement Date.
Commencement Date means the date at which either (i) the Service will be available from (ii) when the Company first start to use the Services whichever happens first.
Minimum Period means the minimum period of time in relation to each Service the Customer is contracted for the Service. The Service cannot be cancelled or varied by more than the Maximum Change during the Minimum Period. The charges and fees associated with the Service are due regardless of whether you terminate the Agreement prior to the expiration of the Minimum Period and they will continue to accrue and be owed by the Company for the remainder of the period;
Notice Period means the minimum period of time specified in the Scope of Service required to terminate or vary by more than the Maximum Change the Agreement. Unless otherwise specified in the Scope of Service “Notice Period” means 30 days from the first day of the calendar month following the date on which Termination or a such a change is requested.
Early Termination Fee means the amount the Customer will pay Matrix IT for the balance of the Minimum Period that remains outstanding should an Agreement or Service be terminated.
Maximum Change means the maximum variation to Services allowed by either party to the Agreement before the Agreement must be renegotiated.
Cancellation Period means the period after the Start Date during which either party to the Agreement is entitled to cancel the Agreement without incurring financial penalty.
Fixed Term Agreement means a Contract to supply a Service for a specified period of time.The Scope of Service will specify the end date and therefore the duration. The delivery of Service will cease on the date set at the outset.The Customer will not be entitled to cancel the Agreement for the period of the fixed term.

General Definitions

“Matrix IT” means those businesses part of the Matrix Business Group, including, but not exclusively limited too, Matrix Business IT (previously known as Matrix IT Solutions).
Equipment means all or part of the network, hardware, software and Third Party Software as specified or identified in the Scope of Service.
Goods means the computer and communications hardware, software and related equipment which Matrix IT is to supply in accordance with a Service.
Acceptance Test means the test conducted by the Customer to determine if the requirements of a Specification or Scope of Service have been met. If the Customer requires an Acceptance Test these tests must be defined and agreed by both parties in advance and included with the Quotation and Agreement.If acceptance tests are not specified in the Agreement the Quotation will be deemed accepted on Delivery.
Proposal means the proposal to the Customer setting out Matrix IT’s understanding of the Customer’s requirements and defining the Services we propose to provide. A Proposal is a sales document and unless otherwise stated is not an offer capable of acceptance.
Quotation means the quotation giving the Fixed Price Quotation or Time and Materials Estimate cost for a particular Service.
Specification means the detailed description of work to be done or materials to be used in a Project.
Deliverables means the specific work outcomes required and detailed in the Scope of Service
Contract means the same as Agreement.
Project Plan means the plan describing the Services and setting out the estimated timetable and responsibilities for the provision of the Services by Matrix IT.
Normal Working Hours means 08:30 to 17:30 Monday to Friday but excluding bank or statutory holidays unless otherwise
Rates Hourly, Daily rates
Data includes configuration information, call logs, documents, text, software, music, sound, photography, messages, and other material of any kind in any form;
Website means our web presence at (including any associated website, web-page, or sub-page of the Matrix IT platform) and other locations at which we advertise from time to time.
Customer means the company, organisation, person or persons that enter into the Agreement with Matrix IT for the supply of Goods or Services.
Agreement means a contract for the provision of Goods or Services detailed in the Scope of Service  and Accepted by both parties (Matrix IT and the Customer). The Agreement declares that the customer accepts Matrix IT’s Standard Terms and Conditions of Trading together with the additional terms detailed in the Scope of Service.
Accepted A printed contracted signed by both parties. A customer Purchase Order.electronically place an order online by clicking aClicking on link from Order Porter
User means the individual(s) using the Equipment or Services
End Users means Users

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