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  • 21 Sep

    The Risks of Working Remotely

    Working remotely is easier than ever before. The Cloud is now part of our everyday lives at work and at home. It is becoming a popular solution as bandwidth and internet connections become quicker and more stable proving very beneficial to many business’. However, there are still risks of working remotely that you still need to be wary about:

    – The Cloud and Wifi. Wireless internet access is available mostly everywhere nowadays so you can connect from anywhere you like. However, using public wifi is a danger due to many networks being unsecured, making it a prime target for potential hackers.

    – Losing your devices. If a device is lost or stolen, the chances are your work will be lost unless it is saved to the right places. Also, if your device gets in the wrong hands, important information can be exploited.

    – Employee Efficiency. If one of your workers is constantly working remotely, how can you be sure that they’re getting all their work done? Having a workforce that constantly works remotely does not always bring benefits or success.