When you appoint us as your “outsourced IT department”, we commence with a complete Systems Review and Health Check.

The Health Check may also be purchased as a stand-alone service just for the reassurance of knowing your system is running to its full potential and not slowing you down or holding your business back.

We know IT can be puzzling and with so many different companies and products on the market, it can be hard knowing whom you can trust. We understand that in order to make any decision about IT you want to know the facts, and that is exactly what our Health Check will provide.

One of our consultants is always available to meet with you or the person responsible for IT at your business. A thorough review normally takes between 1 and 2 hours and includes a discussion about your business ambitions. Soon afterward we’ll present you with an IT strategy; a full written report outlining where you’re up to and our specific recommendation of how to enhance your IT system to better achieve your business goals.

We may suggest new technologies, different connectivity or alternative packages or software. We will enclose a priced quotation for each element of the recommendations and of course we hope that afterwards you will use our services, especially if you use our strategy and prices as a benchmark for best value in the market place.