Online and Off-Site Backup Services

The strength of our online back-up service is clear:

  • Business class online back-up service
  • Professional and responsive customer service
  • Accurate billing and management reports
  • Highly competitive online back-up service

Whether you are looking at online back-up for servers, computer networks or laptops, Matrix IT is a suitable and reliable partner for your business and can help you.


Off-Site Storage Back-up

The off-site storage back-up that we provide is a fully automated, online back-up and disaster recovery service for server, computer and laptop users. We offer a secure, reliable way to back up your critical data without the hassle, time and cost associated with traditional tape methods.

We partner with one of the leading online back-up service providers in the UK. Our online back-up service encrypts the data before it leaves your server, and it stays encrypted even when stored on our high security datacentre facilities. Your data will only be decrypted when it arrives back on your servers after a restore has been performed, thus ensuring the highest levels of security throughout the data back-up and restore cycle.


What will Online Back-up Provide for your Company?

  • Data marked for online back-up is encrypted and backed up via the Internet, to high availability centralised data centre facilities.
  • 256-bit encryption protects data both in transit and at the datacentre.
  • Online back-ups are fully automated: incremental daily back-up, scheduled for unattended operation.
  • Data restoration is fully automated, available 24/7 for recovery of any previously backed up files.
  • Validation of your data restoration: Scheduled monthly restore drills to ensure 100% data restoration.
  • Industry leading fault tolerant data centre infrastructure and multi-level data centre mirroring.


Online Back-up for Microsoft Small Business Server

The standard Microsoft Small Business Server backs up your data – but only the data that resides on your Small Business Server host machine.

Our online back-up (remote data back-up) for Microsoft Small Business Server on the other hand, securely and automatically backs up all your data, including the critical data stored on your computers and laptops across the local area network.


Online Back-up – Fast, Efficient and Cost Effective

Matrix IT’s online back-up for Microsoft Small Business Server eliminates the costs associated with tape back-ups. It sends your encrypted data straight to SecuriData’s enterprise-class data centre facilities. The fully automated process performs a back-up of every machine you choose to protect, using your existing internet connection. This means you can back-up more frequently and minimise the loss of data between runs. You can also recover lost data much more quickly, either over the internet or with SecuriData’s unique local storage device. A key point of SecuriData’s online back-up service is that the software is free. You pay only for the total amount of data that you want to protect.

At the heart of our online back-up solution is the back-up client software that is installed easily on your Small Business Server. This is the only software needed, you can now protect your server and every machine on your network (LAN) thanks to our unique back-up technology.


The Online Back-up Simplifies, Automates and Secures

It is important to note that your online data is also stored in encrypted format. All data encryption and decryption always takes place at your premises ensuring the very highest levels of security for your data.

With our service you can also recover a previous file generation (“point in time”) to the original location, or any alternative location of your choice. You can store previous data versions online and even store the latest generation locally.


Reliable, Secure and Automated

The Matrix IT’s Online Backup Solution is a “corporate class” data back-up service for Small Business Servers. Please contact us now to start an evaluation and to find out more.


Contact Matrix IT about Off-Site Back-up and Online Storage

Matrix IT provides Cloud storage and online back-up to businesses in Portsmouth, Fareham, Southampton and across the Hampshire region. For more information, please contact a member of our team.

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