Inspirational Inventors

Bill Gates – 1975

Bill Gates, born 1955 is the founder of Microsoft. With a passion for software and a natural ability for teaching, Bill Gates is the youngest person to ever become a billionaire.

In their later school days, Bill and Paul ran classes to teach other students computer programming. In 1970 at the age of 15, himself and Paul Allen designed a software that measured traffic flow in Seattle. This was their first venture and consequently netted $20,000.

At 18 years old, Gates attended Harvard Law School to follow the footsteps of his father as a lawyer. However, unsurprisingly his loyalty lied with programming. He dropped out of in 1975 to continue his journey with Paul Allen in the world of computing.

In 1975 Paul and Bill founded Microsoft. Although Allen came up with the name Microsoft, Bill did a majority of programming and planning and took the role of president whilst Allen was vice president.

Approximately 82.22% of computers and laptops have Microsoft software.