Cyber security services: Do you have the right tools to protect your data?

Cyber security services: Do you have the right tools to protect your data?

Cyber security is a phrase we often hear in relation to businesses that operate online and the people who buy their products and services.  It explains how organisations and individuals reduce the risk of cyber attack, and with cyber crime on the rise, it’s a really important element of the digital age that we simply cannot ignore.  So ask yourself, do you have the right cyber security services in place to protect your data?  If the answer is no, or you are not sure, please read on to find out what threats you might be vulnerable to and how Matrix IT can help. 

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What’s New at Matrix IT?

What’s New at Matrix IT?

You may have noticed our new look, improved website, but that is not the only thing that has changed at Matrix IT in recent months. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been busy helping businesses throughout the south of England to find new ways of working to help keep their employees safe whilst continuing with ‘business as usual’, delivering the same level of services, whilst working remotely.  

In addition to helping businesses react to the changes forced on them by the worldwide pandemic, we are also pleased to have introduced new collaborative and IT strategy services to help strengthen IT capabilities for businesses in all sectors. 

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How we support solicitors to run best practice IT systems

How we support solicitors to run best practice IT systems

Solicitors deal with sensitive and confidential client data on a daily basis, so it is vital that they have the IT systems and support services in place to ensure safety, security and efficiency.    

At Matrix IT, we understand the needs of solicitors practices and have extensive experience of working with a range of legal firms.  This has enabled us to develop a suite of IT support systems and services that can be specifically tailored to the needs of solicitors’ practices. These services enable our clients to spend their time focusing on important day to day operations and looking after the needs of their own clients, trusting us to provide the technology and support they need. 

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Home working accelerates the death of remote access VPNs

Home working accelerates the death of remote access VPNs

According to the latest statistics, almost half of British workers are now working from home.  As businesses continue to adapt to the ongoing threat of the Covid-19 pandemic, homeworking has become the safest and most practical option for many organisations.  With the explosion in working from home, however, comes the challenge of how to do so safely, particularly with sensitive data and home workers logging in using their home internet connections, and in many cases, their own equipment. 

Remote Access VPNs have long been the solution for remote workers needing to access company networks over the public internet.  However, this once trusted solution has grown to be increasingly vulnerable due to the surge in cyber security threats.  The sudden shift to homeworking as lockdown was imposed, has increased the use of virtual private networks and thus amplified the threats and vulnerabilities. 

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Has your IT Support company been supporting you through the Covid-19 pandemic?

Has your IT Support company been supporting you through the Covid-19 pandemic?

Since March 2020, the world has turned upside down, with the Covid-19 pandemic forcing countries into lockdown, businesses to close and many employees to work from home.  This time of turmoil has put a lot of pressure on organisations to deploy home working technology quickly and securely.  This added demand for remote working has resulted in a busy time for IT support companies, as we deploy resources and provide guidance to enable people to work safely and efficiently from home. 

It has certainly been a productive and responsive time here at Matrix IT, but can you say the same about your IT support company?   

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Inviting Guests using Microsoft Teams and iPhone glitch

If you send out an invite and your guest (non-user of Teams) cannot connect then follow these simple steps.

1.       Click on the error (Safari cannot open the page because the address is invalid).

2.       Download and install Teams from the Apps store

3.       When prompted for a login ignore and close the Teams app


Upon clicking on the invite again your iPhone will launch the Teams app and ask for your guest username allowing access to the meeting.

Everyday is a school day

The easiest and quickest way to archive email, instead of deleting it in Microsoft Outlook is to simply press the Backspace key rather than the Delete key.

Personally I didn’t know about this shortcut and estimate it will save me hours over the course of a year.

Hope you find it of use.




The hidden cyber threat of COVID-19

security protection padlock

We, at Matrix, have had an increase of tickets in the last week identifying potential phishing or fraudulent attacks delivered via email.

The aim of this article is to provide you with the best practice in minimising these attacks for you and your staff and more importantly retraining users on what to look out for.

If we can be of any more assistance in training, implementing the following technologies please contact us at [email protected].

Multi Factor Authentication (MFA)

MFA put simply is something you have (your phone) and something you know (your password).  By combining the two, Microsoft can better authenticate your logon.  Most phishing scams extract your password and then hackers emulate your logon accessing emails, data or to carry out fraudulent activity.

MFA is very simple to implement and use.  The only additional requirement when logging into the system is to click ‘Approve’ on your phone.  Consequently, if you phone asks you to ‘Approve or Deny’ a login randomly then it is likely someone else has your username and password.  If this is the case, then call Matrix immediately and we will disable / change your logon credentials for you, ensuring your data remains safe and secure.

Email filtering – Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) / Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Most phishing and fraudulent activity is typically driven through an email scam. We provide two products, the first carries out ATP and scans attachments and links detecting zero day and known threats.

The second is our Sentinel product, usage Artificial is our Intelligence (AI) we are able to scan your email accounts and create known interactions identifying the most complex of subsequent scam emails.

What it means in plain English is you will vastly reduce suspect email in your inbox, removing user interaction and the potential threat.


The biggest threat – you

The biggest threat to a data breach is – the person reading this post.  Users pose a threat to systems as they/we use the systems.  Despite minimising risk if that email lands in your inbox you need to think ‘SETH’ first.


Stop – Take 5-10 seconds and look at the email, don’t skim over and click on the instruction – PAUSE

Evaluate – Are you expecting an attachment, email, shared document, parcel from China?

Think – Do you know the sender? Does it look suspect? Is something not quite right about it?

Hover – Move your mouse over the link, does it go to ‘ or to your company Microsoft link – check it against your SharePoint link.

By spending 30 seconds considering whether the email is legitimate could save the business £1000’s in lost revenue or data leakage. If in doubt, contact us for a second opinion, better to be safe.

Matrix can offer simulated phishing email attacks, providing your users with real life examples and training on future prevention.  Each simulation will identify a user training requirement and provide them with suitable courses for improvement dependent upon their interaction with the simulation.

What to look out for

Below are two examples of emails received this week.




Have any more questions or interested in the above products?  Let us know by email [email protected] or call us on 01329 888 444.

If you do one thing today…

Most clients are use Microsoft Office 365 Business Premium daily.  If you are, then you should be taking advantage of the new Microsoft App, by combining the Office suite with some great hacks, this is the app of choice when on the move.

The main features of this app are:

  • Everything in one app, central and quickly accessible
  • Pull in files from other platforms such as Dropbox
  • Word dictation – use your voice to write documents
  • Excel cards view – simplify editing Excel on a smaller screen
  • Outline to PowerPoint – you type, PowerPoint Designer does the rest

Other snazzy features improve common tasks, enabling quick notes, scanning docs into Word / Excel, converting to PDF and signing PDF’s.

Personally, I find the ‘home screen’ invaluable, as it shows my document history, recommended docs, topped with any notes I’ve added. I have found that I am using this app more on my iPad to create documents providing a more fluid experience between devices.  Prior to the app, my go to was my laptop for editing and the iPad for viewing.

As is the Microsoft way, their products improve each version, I for one am looking forward to an even more feature rich app.