Fully Hosted VoIP Systems

Matrix IT will support and maintain the system ensuring reduced operational costs by eliminating maintenance, supporting overheads and ensuring all areas of the business are connected to high quality communications.


Not Just a Phone System

We will provide you with not just a phone system but a fusion of communication technologies, integrating all of your office communications, including phone, fax, chat and web mashups.


Why Change over to a VoIP System?

There are many reasons to change over to a VoIP system:

  • Location Independence – enabling users to be provided with a single telephone number that routes incoming calls to any available handset. Very useful for remote staff and also as a basic form of disaster recovery, allowing the users to dial in to the service and follow the appropriate voice prompts.
  • Improved call answering – allowing users to create routing paths via colleagues, ensuring that the call is answered by a human, rather than the standard default voicemail when a member of staff is unavailable, this reduces call back charges and increases customer satisfaction by avoiding voicemail services.
  • Integration of your mobile phone with your office phone system.
  • The ability to remotely change your out-of-office greetings.
  • Receive your voicemail with your e-mail.
  • View the status of people on their phone system to know whether to transfer a call.
  • Locate a record automatically in your CRM system when a contact calls you.
  • Transfer and record a call from your cell phone or home phone to a co-worker


Contact Matrix IT providers of VoIP for businesses

Matrix IT provide VoIP solutions to businesses in Portsmouth, Fareham, Southampton and across the Hampshire region. To find out more about transferring to a VoIP system, please contact a member of our team.

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