WiFi Security

Most people never review their WiFi security or give it a second thought. Needless to say, this can put businesses at risk of cyber crime.

When did you last change your WiFi password? Are your router, firewall and WiFi access point firmware up to date? Or like 98% of our clients, do you just want to get on with your job knowing that we will take care of your WiFi needs for you?

Key considerations to make about WiFi security include:

  • Is your firmware up to date?
  • Do you use a difficult, minimum 12 character key?
  • Are you using a strong encryption algorithm?
  • Is your Guest network separate from your Company network?

Our Cyber Essential Certified Consultants will ensure you have the best practices for your configurations. Additionally our centralised cloud portals manage all of your network devices, meaning we update, patch and ensure any new security threat is nipped in the bud, leaving you with a secure platform.

Home Office WiFi Security

Our contracts also cover a review of your home networking to ensure safe and secure working is obtained in the office, and at the home office. We will even check printers to address any out of the box WiFi enablement and risk to your business.

WiFi Security Services in Hampshire

If you are concerned that your WiFi is not secure and your business may be at risk, contact Matrix IT (link to contact page) today by calling 01329 888 444.

Based in Fareham, our cyber essentials consultants will provide WiFi security services to business throughout Hampshire, including Chichester, Havant, Portsmouth, Southampton, Waterlooville, Winchester and surrounding areas.